Boutique Office Space

For this project we needed to transform a small, tired looking commercial office space with very few windows into an office/client meeting space for a young real estate attorney.  The mandate was to make a space which supported the unique brand of this upwardly mobile entrepreneur, while simultaneously acknowledging the qualities of the seaside communities which she and her staff serve. “We do not want this office to feel like a stodgy, old law office” said the owner of the firm- and thus began the transformation.  We set out to make a space which was contemporary but grounded with a palette that was both calming for the purposes of working but also inspired and memorable for clients.  The office is essentially two spaces, the first being an entry space that we treated as a vibrant gallery/waiting area with long exposure photographs from a local photographer on a bright green wall.  The second being an office/meeting space for signings and real estate closings.  Both rooms are contemporary and fresh, but also warm and inviting, creating a great place to work.

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