Beachside Living Room

This family room of a house next to Long Pond in Harwich, MA, does not have water views yet the homeowner wanted to be surrounded by the serenity of the beach.  We took inspiration from the natural environment of the Cape and used a neutral palette of tone on tone sand beige to create a beautiful room.  The subtle textural differences in the material selection helped to define the surfaces while maintaining the seamless look.  A silk strieand velvet fabrics for the curtains, both different but luxurious; a finely textured wall covering with herringbone “waves” is evocative of the ripples made in sand by wind or water..  Also, a slight tonal and textural variation in the carpet weave alternating loop and pile is evocative of sand.  The print patterns are subtle geometrics in tone on tone white/blue, taupe box plaid square chenille, and an embroidered floral linen.  The accent and coffee tables have pure volumes and clean lines and the “twig” table in the corner is sculptural and intimates the “natural element”.  In a room volume of minimally distinct tonal values, the dark wood coffee table grounds the room and the predominant gold metallic accent creates warmth.  Together, these individual design moves come together to create an incredibly serene space.

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