Nautical Boys Room

The intent of this baby boys’ room was to create a space appropriate for an infant that he could grow into and develop, without having to make major changes to the decor.  In a classic light blue, navy and orange scheme, the furniture, drapery fabrics and paint color were chosen with longevity in mind, while the bed linens, chair and pillow fabrics could be updated at various stages as he matured.  The nautical theme is a flexible motif.  It is easy to work with as baby grows and the basic room elements and principal investment pieces can be morphed into a number of different color stories allowing flexibility without a complete room makeover.  The classic cream and navy blue gallery plaid of the curtains and headboard are a terrific, low key foil to the bodacious print of the bed linens and slipper chair.  Once the more juvenile fabrics are replaced, the overall room will feel completely different without having to reproduce many of the design elements.

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