Interior Spatial Reorganization vs. Building Additional Space

Interior Spatial Reorganization vs. Building Additional Space

Razing the existing home and building a fresh dwelling does eliminate the need to deal with existing design flaws and certain physical issues but may be cost prohibitive. Also, the urge to build new, additional space for a home is not often the right approach in addressing your design, storage, efficiency and spatial concerns. Often, a new space plan for the current, existing space allows you to fully customize your home without the cost of a new build. Spatial reorganization allows you to save on both the construction and engineering costs and reduces the amount of time you will have to wait to enjoy your new and improved home. Re-planning can improve room size, maximize the amount of storage available and create usable living space by capturing wasted and poorly planned circulation.

Work with Existing Design Features

Many people very much like one aspect or another of their current dwelling but dream of making it perfect with a move, a new build or an addition. In particular, if you live in an historic home, or one with well-appointed interior architectural detailing you may be waffling in the debate of a move or a rebuild. Interior spatial reorganization allows you to work around the very elements that appealed to you in the first place, but still make the most of the available square footage. By combining the best qualities of the existing home with carefully considered interior repartitioning and room division, the latest in storage hardware and design elements and a more modern use of space, you can truly make the most of an existing home without sacrificing the character or, here on the Cape, a possible family heirloom.


Create Efficient Storage

The right interior space plan is a must if you want to create a compelling and useful space inside your home, according to the American Institute of Architects. More often than not, we see a generous square footage laid out with inefficient circulation, poorly designed rooms with wasted nooks and cranny’s. These house designs are usually developed from the outside in, driven by a desired façade arrangement and how it looks from the street. Although curb appeal is important, most adroit designers and architects can satisfy both needs, and not have the tail wag the dog. By ensuring that a home is designed from the inside out, all usable space will be captured in an economy of scale that fits our modern lifestyles and associated storage needs. Clever, modern cabinetry hardware and storage vessels in conjunction with a well-considered floor plan further enhance the use of space. Also, by incorporating vertical storage as well as horizontal storage, most homeowners are surprised at what we can achieve within their existing walls. In conjunction with efficient circulation and appropriate room sizing a re-planning effort may make your home seem even larger than it actually is.

Moving Walls, Windows and Doors

During a spatial reorganization, the design team can identify and move interior partition walls and create rooms that are the right size, shape and configuration for your family needs, existing furniture or a desired layout. This may require the rearrangement and enhancement of exterior windows and doors, allowing you to fully customize your home without having to embark on a new building project. There may be hidden advantages to these necessary building envelope changes such as upgrading of windows and doors to improve energy efficiency and increasing a windows size to take advantage of natural lighting opportunities. Rely on your design team to take on the challenge of improving the curb appeal as a result of an interior rework-simple changes to your space planning can lead to big improvements in the way you use and enjoy your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Older homes, even those built just a decade ago, may not be designed to fully capture the latest energy saving techniques, appliances and comfort systems. With a full boar spatial rearrangement, homeowners can take advantage of all of the energy saving techniques that new constructions offer. An improvement in indoor air quality (IAQ) through enhanced air circulation and filtering can help make the home more comfortable and government incentives for new HVAC equipment and other big energy consuming devices make the process more affordable. Similarly, a kitchen reorganization would invite the purchase of new, more energy efficient appliances, bathroom remodels the introduction of water saving faucets and shower heads etc. All of the advantages of new construction may be captured in the reworking of your existing home.

Contact us to learn more about the ways that interior spatial reorganization can give your home a fresh new look, improve functionality and create new life to an older home. We specialize in interior space planning and room layouts and can also rework the exterior façade to suit. Often the solution is not simply adding space!

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